Cloud Nine

June 17, 2010 5:59 PM

Another live recording from the Motown project at school last autumn, this time a slightly lesser known song by The Temptations.

Once more, full of fantastic student musicians and sound techs, and I'm singing. I handled the moving around on stage bit a little better than on I Want You Back, and thus, this went slightly better. Enjoy!

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:-) As ever, great vocal (I like the bits when you really cut loose and let your hair down). My compliments to the backing band - I liked the wah-wah guitar especially. The overall sound reminded me more of Norman Whifield's post-Motown sound than Motown per se.

btw - I take it "Tess' Lament" didn't work out? I'm cool with that - some things work, some don't.
posted by MajorDundee at 4:04 PM on June 18, 2010

Oh no, sorry, I've been doing loads of takes. I just don't have one I'm quite happy with yet, and I feel a cold coming on. It's going great, though. I love working on it. So, you know, if you still want it, I'll see if I can pick out the best bits of the takes I've done so far (I think I'm up to 7, but I'm such a perfectionist) and paste them together to something presentable. :)
posted by MaiaMadness at 6:44 PM on June 18, 2010

Oh, and thanks for your compliments regarding the song! :) We weren't supposed to capture the Motown sound, really, but the feel of it, cover the songs in our own way. I really want to upload another one from the same concert, but I don't know if I'm quite allowed since I'm only singing backing vocals on it, though I was part of creating the arrangement as well...
posted by MaiaMadness at 6:45 PM on June 18, 2010

Great stuff. Thanks!
posted by koeselitz at 9:37 PM on June 18, 2010

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