one moment — jazz-inspired electro

July 13, 2010 3:05 AM

This song is a portrayal of identity crisis — yet not just in the expected expression through lyrics. A snarling electro beat attempts to warp itself around jazz-inspired harmonies and progressions as the speaker explains his own crisis.

The harmonies/chords themselves are also in crisis. Despite being in A-flat major, the song, as if trying to avoid admitting to itself that it is in A-flat major stays firmly in denial through the verses it by staunchly avoiding its own tonic chord and instead drifting through an EbMaj7 DbMaj7 sequence until it breaks down and divebombs toward the tonic via a standard ii7-V7-Imaj7-vi7 and into the Ab-centered chorus which has a rising feel overall. (Imaj7-IVmaj7-V9-VIm7, Imaj7-V9-IIIm7-IV7)

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