Oh Death (live, July 2010)

July 14, 2010 9:22 PM

I just can't stay away from this song, it has a power over me. This time it's with my diddley bow (the Marron Glacé Guitar). At the end of the song, Death momentarily overtook me and made me attack the instrument with one of these. Video of this same performance at YouTube.

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Wow, one string. That thing sounds great, and that's a sweet sweet groove you're working. Badass.

The first version I heard of this song was CVB's, and I soon found another version on an LP of, I think, Hawaiian songs, which was totally unrecognizable. I think it had an "in the morning" variation in the chorus.

Great song, and it can handle a lot of stretching.
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Hey, karl, that CVB version was a new one on me. Thanks for the link, and for your kind comment on my version here.
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I'd have liked to have heard a constant drone thru the length of the song, something that the diddley bow could climb around on like a vine on a trellis. One man's opinion.

Good stuff!
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Thanks, BOP. Actually, I often do use a drone with this piece, most recently just the other night, at another Tokyo gig. Also, my first recording of the song features a drone, running throughout.
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