July 31, 2010 7:01 PM

Electronic silliness featuring Agent Smith's human beings are a virus speech.

The Agent Smith sample is quickly recognizable to most. The pathetic sounding guy sampled in the middle of the song is Sid Sheinberg, responsible for the editing of Terry Gilliam's Brazil into the awful Love Conquers All version, complaining about the flak he received in response. Sheinberg's whine is sampled from one of the featurettes in the Criterion Collection 3 disc set for Brazil.

posted by Babblesort (1 comment total)

I like, though it was about twice as long as my attention span was ready to deal with. I think a shorter, more taut approach would get just the right mileage out the samples you used, and I love that you pulled Sheinberg's whiny defensiveness into a song.
posted by cortex at 9:30 AM on August 6, 2010

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