In The Orchard

August 15, 2010 1:49 PM

in which a couple of dejected double basses mutter to themselves darkly...

this happened sort of accidentally - i was trying out a potential new bow. i don't use one very often and it's not my strong point. this was assembled from a solo improv which was then edited down and embellished with a couple of overdubs here and there and a smattering of pitch shift, reverb etc. it was done in about 2 hours or so.

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Wow! Fucking excellent sound and a really interesting piece. Some of the stuff going on with delay is fab - love the way it kind of swirls around, fades and then comes back in your face. These basses aren'tdejected though - they're a bit lairy and up for anything......
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Actually - I just rented a double bass from our local Schools Music Service. Thought I'd give it a go. I thought I was doing ok with it on the track I'm working on....but hearing someone who can actually play the thing, I'm taking this opportunity to give my apologies up front before I post the track!
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The tone, the space, everything, beautiful.
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Grumble, growl... grooooovy.
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thanks! good luck with the bass, major. recording the thing effectively is something i always find a bit tricky - looking forward to hearing yr efforts!
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Love this. Such a nice collection of different textures from one instrument.

And it's making me feel like a jackass for owning and neglecting an upright. I still can't bow worth shit, which isn't shocking because I haven't put in the time to actually get decent at it.
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