Stumbling on the Stairs, a new Rock Anthem?

September 4, 2010 7:19 AM

On Thursday evening, I stumbled on some stairs, banged my head against a wall, and incurred six stitches (and a wounded sense of pride). One of my friends though that my description "Stumbling on the Stairs" would make a great hair band name, or even better, a hair rock anthem.

He started some lyrics, but, well, we're not musical types. But mefi musicians are! I think it would be awesome if someone could work something up in regards to my head injury. Unfortunately all I could offer is internet hugs.

Here is what my friend sent me:

I don't need to point out that Stumbling on the Stairs would be a great name for a rock band. Or even the title of a big hair rock anthem: "Stumbled down the stairs/Got stitches in my head/Nobody cares/That I am all alone IN BED! [duh duh duh duh duh DUH duh] IN BED! [duh duh duh duh duh DUH duh] Help me out, baby/I'm feelin' half- dead/Got sixteen miles of bandages/Wrapped around MY HEAD! [duh duh duh duh duh DUH duh] HALF-DEAD! [duh duh duh duh duh DUH duh]... etc.

What do you think? Inspirational? Or just dumb (like my head injury...)
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...a bump on the head can incur a range of symptoms, depending upon the severity of trauma. But side-effects this severe experienced by an uninvolved third party are, in my medical experience, unprecedented. It is equally rare that brain trauma results in sudden and previously unknown creative ability, as this case proves beyond doubt. If I were treating you I'd prescribe paracetamol, bedrest and having a quiet word with yourself. My prescription for your friend would not be available from a pharmacy but could probably be obtained from a store that sold sharp pointy things. (I'm kidding around sandraregina - don't take this to heart).
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I think you've got to set up the Stumbling Down The Stairs hook with a nice storytelling arc in a verse or two before launching into the chorus to really make this work. Something appropriately hair metal, like e.g. rockin with the boys drinkin jack with the girls blah blah had to take a piss so you headed for the stair and, yes, suddenly you were STUMBLIN' DOWN THE STAIIIRS / AND SO FORTH.

Cue guitar solo.

Also, band name: Concussin'
Album name: Wounded Pryde
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Just dumb.
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I just watched an episode of "House" (U.S. medical dramedy) in which a kid breaks his head and becomes a virtuoso pianist...sadly he couldn't do anything BUT play piano. Who played the brain damaged kid, you ask? Why, it was Dave Matthews. Hooray!
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Oh, I my head, I hear this as more of a halting piano plus mentally-challenged singing voice, something along the lines of that old "Head Cheese" song they used to play on the Dr. Demento show in the mid-80s...
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Oh my god. Head cheese. It's the dead cheese. It's got eyes and ears and lips and nose and everything I like except the tongue. I haven't thought about that song in decades. Thank you, davejay.

I think the above song would make a good country roadhouse song.
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Head Cheese
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a good country roadhouse song

country roadhouse
take me homehouse
to the placehouse
i belonghouse
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