Kafkattack (a.k.a Nervous)

September 19, 2010 9:28 AM

This is very worrying...

.....I mean, why upload throwaway pap like this? What on earth am I doing?? But it's fun in a sub-Talking Heads/Stump kinda way, I suppose. Can't be bothered to type out the lyric right now, but if someone really wants it give me a shout and I'll oblige.

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There's definitely a nice Eno + Bowie (Krautrock-era) meets Talking Heads (Speaking In Tongues/Stop Making Sense-era) vibe here. It's pretty excellent, especially for a throwaway track.
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I really like this! This is officially my new theme song. :P Very cool track!
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STUMP. Omigod. Big bottoms sway, big bottoms. I was a massive fan of Microdisney, who were their progenitors. Anyway, what a great band. This reminded me of Ian Dury more than anything, although it has the Stump Random Guitar Chord (tm) feel. Thoroughly enjoyable and the kind of thing that could easily become a cult hit if it was 1976 again. My only suggestion is that you do something with the vocal -- treat it somehow -- it sounds a bit bare as it is and it's in a part of your range where you are straining a bit -- not that that's necessarily a bad thing. I dunno, double it, filter it, just think of it as a guitar part.
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Ha ha.
Love this.
I liked the elevating degrees of desperation to "Do you have a bathroom?"
And of all the (brilliant) guitar riff homages, the Alice Cooper one is my favourite.
No more Mr. nice guy indeed.
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I'm not kidding or being coy - this really is a load of old bollocks. It's just having a laugh and messing about. But nice that one or two like it - thanks for your comments.

Vocal was one take after I sat for half an hour and wrote the lyric - I had the idea for it but nothing concrete. Funnily enough when I was testing levels etc I did put a load of fake distortion on the vocal because I thought it might need some kind of "weirding up" as it were, but it sounded a bit shitty so I just went with a clean sound. I won't be remixing this - it's not even c-side quality never mind a b-side.

I think the No More Mr Nice Guy riff (one of my all-time-favourite guitar riffs) was inserted because I as going to write some kind of lyric about a dweeb suddenly turning nasty. But when I came to do the vocal after a lay-off of a few weeks, I couldn't remember what I was going to write/sing. "Smoke On The Water" also had some lyrical justification when I recorded the backing track, but, again, I couldn't remember what it was. So inclusion of those riffs is totally unrelated to anything lyrically in the finished track and is just......weird.

Very cool that someone else has actually heard of Microdisney, let alone is a fan ( I loved 'em too - we seem to have disconcertingly similar taste unSane). For those unfamiliar with the fabulous Stump - an acquired taste, and maybe a bit too far out for the US contingent - check Buffalo out (which is what unSane is quoting from). My favourite lines are "It's blubbery Burberry baby" and the "How much is the fish?" sequence. They don't make 'em like that any more. Shame.
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And let's not forget this, which contains one of the most immortal rhymes in the history of rock'n'roll.

Then Charlton Heston
Put his vest on
Lights, camel, action!

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Ha! Yes! I think I still have a copy of that single somewhere. I might have a go at covering something utterly unhinged like this.......
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Ha, this is damn good fun. I agree with unSane about the vocal. And maybe not exactly even giving treatment to the whole vocal, but if you added some other effects laden vox from out of nowhere for emphasis would be fun.

Anyway, for a toss away, this is great!
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i loves it. especially the bernie worrell synth squelchotronics. i love stump too. their bassist kev plays with some friends of mine. here he is playing the saw on british daytime tv.
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It's a shame I can only favorite this once. This is the funniest thing I've heard in a long, long time. Awesome.
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This is, horrifyingly, turning into my very own "The Laughing Gnome"......
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Here's the wrods (that's right - these is wrods, not words):


nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m nervous all the way
i’m nervous in the night-time
i’m nervous in the day

nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m nervous in a plane
i’m nervous of my doctor
‘cos he don’t heal my pain

nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m nervous in my car
i’m nervous of the freeway
so i don’t drive too far

nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m noiviss in noo yoik
i’m nervous in london
‘cos no-one seems to talk

nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m nervous of my boss
who’s nervous of his boss
who’s nervous of his boss

do you have a restroom?
can I use the restroom?
show me to the restroom
before I shit myself

nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m nervous in the heat
i’m nervous when i’m swimming
of what swims underneath

nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m nervous of fine wines
i’m nervous of fine minds
i simply can’t find mine

nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m nervous of the net
i’m nervous of the hidden mines
lurking with intent

nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m nervous of these christians
i’m nervous of these moslems
i’m nervous of their hate

nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m nervous of consumers
i’m nervous of producers
dancing off a cliff

nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m nervous like franz kafka
i’m nervous of the laughter
coming from whitehall

nervous, nervous, nervous
i’m nervous of tv
i’m nervous of these brain-dead morons staring back at me.

… said the laughing gnome.
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I haven't read the other comments so this is probably redundant but it reminds me of Talking Heads in the best way. I really like the rhythm you created out of various sounds. Fun stuff!
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Agreeing with tunewell. The chant-like vocals and spiky guitars really reminiscent of Talking Heads.
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I really love those lyrics. I played this to a couple of my flatmates today, and they loved it. :)
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I LOVE STUMP - how much is the fish?

wicked major, as ever
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