November 1, 2010 10:57 PM

Recorded 2 October, 2010 at the Oklahoma Composers Association Salon Concert in Norman, OK, this is a live improvisation with the aid of our audience.

It was a lot of fun having this many people improvising vocally at the same time, and I'm quite glad that everyone was willing to join in. The recording's not the best; there's a fair amount of noise, and the loudest bit near the end clips quite a bit, but that's the joy of recording something when you have no idea what'll happen, going into it.

In addition to the three of us performing (Trey Beauregard, Tommy Scheurich, and me), there were about 15 audience members/other OCA members taking part.

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I think my favorite part is the shifting drones that have a radio-dial like ambience to them. Some of the vocal inflections were playful and some were kinda silly. But it was all interesting. I kept trying to picture the context around this happening. Like, was the audience invited to add any sounds they wanted or? Pretty cool stuff.
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The entire audience was invited to join in. Only rules were a) shoes had to be removed, to prevent excess noise, and b) only noises you make with your mouth were allowed. In the end, everyone joined in, forming a big circle around the whole room. I wish we had video.
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