Lingua Franca (Chop It Up)

November 17, 2010 3:25 PM

MeFi Music could use a little more rap, don't you think? Here's a song from our second album dealing with friends of a new significant other running interference on your blossoming relationship. (I perform the first and third verse.) Lyrics within.

J-Pros - "Lingua Franca (Chop It Up)"


Gimme a minute baby girl and we can chop it up
But ya crew is paparazzi how they poppin' up
So if the issue's how I used to be down
That used to be me, they better get used to me now

Verse 01:

We interlock like a jigsaw you and I, never before
Have I ever been sure that I'm ready for more
Than your typical one-night, listen I just might
Be allured by your witty and clever rapport

Really we'll settle the score, match wits over a cold glass
Don't ask how long this evening gon' last
Other chicks I'ma let 'em roll past
They possessin' tits, hips and a dope ass, but no class

I know ya homegirls say no, you shouldn't trust me
And if that was the case yo, I'm feelin' lucky
'Cause we keepin' the pace slow, don't gotta rush, see
And I admit that my halo's a little dusty

Quite aware I got history, who doesn't
My name alone got the lips of your crew buzzin'
Women whisperin' insistin' I prove somethin'
And so I gotta tell 'em this, miss, I'm through frontin'


Verse 02:

Since the second that you walked in my life, it was nice
But what ever seems perfect always comes with a price
See you’re hot and smart, plus employed, yo, I’m loving it
But it’s bugging how your homeboy's hovering

He’s like a bolt I can’t loosen with a wrench
I see him eyeing like the sixth man waiting on the bench
He’s says he’s just a friend but when you turn, I see him smirking
Plus he only wants to kick it on the nights that I’m working

Come on, this dude is making no sense, like a run-on
Cause it’s getting kind of obvious this dude is trying to come on
My pressures rising cause my angers starting to brew up
He calls you everyday like he’s waiting for a screw-up

Your friends are telling you this cat is pretend
And I try to tell you nice but you could never comprehend
See it’s getting intense, help me make this stress end
Cause what makes the story worse, that this dude was my best friend


Verse 03:

I got a bad reputation, I know it precedes me
Believe me, it really ain't easy to be me
There's a couple of strikes on my record and I done dirt
Heated the temperature on the block and got sunburnt

I've had enough of that shine, I'm tryin' to go legit
And stacked a bunch of them dimes, sayin' they over it
But who can blame their reaction
If I'm stayin' in action, how can I expect to gain any traction

Over how I used to be, we'll open the lines
Of communication, hopefully I open ya mind
And we can chop it up, now we buildin' on some common ground
Look, ya crew got opinions but they're not around

To ice grill me, but this ain't that kinda situation
They wishin' waitin' for me to get to misbehavin'
I can sense ya hesitation, yo it's justified
But you can trust the vibe is live and can't be brushed aside


posted by bayani (3 comments total) 5 users marked this as a favorite

This sounds better than a lot of the mainstream rap I hear on the radio. Damn.
posted by shii at 12:40 AM on November 18, 2010 [1 favorite]

Thanks! :) Our styles are influenced by a lot of "Golden Age" hip-hop. Appreciate the love!
posted by bayani at 9:37 PM on November 18, 2010

MeFi Music could use a little more rap, don't you think?
Indeed, thanks for posting it!
posted by micayetoca at 6:22 AM on November 21, 2010 [1 favorite]

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