Fish Are Great

December 7, 2010 5:21 PM

So yesterday dmd mentioned in IRC that his wife miagaille was going to be stuck in a hospital room for a few days being very bored because of some neural testing stuff, and how she'd be amused if I wrote a song, and I was like "just a song about anything? Like, 'fish are awesome'?" and he was like, yeah. Yeah, that would work.

More information about fish is available on the internet.

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So actually fish are totally not random at all.

Miagaille and I were at the Georgia Aquarium observing the sea lion habitat and eavesdropping on a gaggle of middle-schoolers on a field trip. The topic was whether sea lions are mammals or fish. One of them pointed to a sea lion sunning on a rock and argued that, since it was out of the water and wasn't dead, it was probably not a fish. Another said, insistently, "Well, it could be a fish." The others nodded sagely. "Yeah you're right. It's probably a fish." This appeared to satisfy them and they moved on to penguins.

history does not record what they made of penguins

Thank you cortex!
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Can I make out with you?
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That would be a violation of my EULA. We can high-five, however.
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In a bout of mashing this in with other songs, I mentioned to Fairytale that there was a certain 'Institutionalized' quality to it, which then led me to say, out loud:

"No, really mom, all I said was that fish are great!"

And then she told me to come share.
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Fish sticks are shit, and I really wish I didn't know about them already.
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Fish sticks are the only fish I can eat without getting hives. Why? I don't know.

This song has lots of happy, and I dig it immensely.
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Probably because they have the fish fried out of them.

Also, my wife hate's Cortex for making awesome songs that she can't play to her class of kindergarten kids. They would love the line about poop.

But to be fair, I love the line about poop. I wonder what that says about me...
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You constantly manage to do stupid in so much classier a fashion than we can seem to achieve. I'm absolutely envious.

I really do mean that as a high form of praise. There's good stupid and bad stupid. This is awesome stupid.
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