I turn around: it's fear; I turn around again: it's love

January 7, 2011 2:18 PM

My first real ambient work. It comes from a pair of life changing conversations with two dear friends.

Made with a Laurie Anderson song and the csound programming language and nothing else.

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This works great as an ambient plunderphonics-type work, as well as the source song/artist being somewhat fitting.
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Thanks. I have a personal history with that Sharkie's Day (heard it on the radio as a child, and Adrian Belew's buzzing guitar blew my mind so I threw in the nearest blank tape, recording over my dad's Stevie Ray Vaughn album - it was the first sign I was going to be into really weird music).

Yeah, I was listening to a lot of John Oswald back in 2011 :)
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