Hope You Catch the Drift

January 14, 2011 7:48 PM

Live in concert at Barrelhouse, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, on December 12, 2010. Vocal and stick dulcimer. Video here.

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there's something i've been meaning to tell you
about how my songs are sung
they're all in foreign languages
right there on the tip of my tongue
souvenirs and variations
the trash man took 'em away
half-finished verses written on napkins
lost in the mundane fray

but i'm just waiting for that moment
when the weight of the words will shift
i don't care if you miss the meaning
i just hope you catch the drift

i got a big stack of songs at home
that'd stretch from here to kentucky
wish i'd had the chance to sing 'em all for you
but i haven't been so lucky
seems i'm always scrambling for a dollar
there's been way too much of that stuff
i tried to get off that road to nowhere
but the landlord called my bluff

so i'm still waiting for that moment...

so once again i'm behind the microphone
somebody's gotta do it i guess
whatever crime you're trying to pin on me
don't bother i'll gladly confess
they told me stop singing in foreign tongues
and i would if i only knew how
you're gonna hear me on the radio
a thousand years from now

and i'll be waiting for that moment...

Copyright P & C Samm Bennett - all rights reserved
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nothing like a good typo in a song title, right?
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What is the difference (if any) between your "stick dulcimer" and, say, a standard Appalachian dulcimer, other than, apparently, a bit of a form factor difference? By the way, I LOVE your mic mount for that thing. Did you build it yourself, or does someone actually sell them?

Gorgeous track. I've just recently started even paying attention to western dulcimer music, having been bequeathed one recently, and it's always nice to see/hear one played in a...less than traditional manor.
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The "stick dulcimer" is basically a "guitar-ized" version of the traditional Appalachian mountain dulcimer. The fretboard is the same, but the trad version has the characteristic hourglass-shaped resonating body, and is (usually) played sitting down, with the instrument resting on the player's lap.

The mic mount? Cool eh? It's a Sennheiser tom mic, and the clip is designed for attaching to a drum rim.
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For a moment I thought you were going to sing this one with a heavy Northern Irish accent - they would indeed speak of catching the "Druft"...

Like the track btw - vocals as impressively gymnastic as ever. And this is a great couplet:
i tried to get off that road to nowhere
but the landlord called my bluff

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Thankee, Major!
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Yea, these are lyrics that I bet a lot of us can feel the meaning of and really relate to. I sure do.

It wasn't too long ago when you first got your strum stick, and while you made it sound great back then, I can really see/hear how much you've expanded. Fairly recently, I recall your mentioning picking up guitar and I think you should do it. I think you're absolutely RIPE for it!
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