Music 2.0?

January 25, 2011 7:24 PM

What are your favourite music apps? What are the best web apps out there for musicians, recording artists and/or sound engineers? Are there any web apps or mobile apps you use regularly in your recording setup or day to day musical life? What are the features you would most like to see from new web or mobile apps?

Apps like Shazam, Pandora, and so on are well known for identifying and discovering music but I'm more interested in apps that serve the musican/recording artists. Anything from full on recording apps like Myna and FourTrack to the tools over at What new tools has the web given to us musicians?
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*crickets* sadly

resrocket was a full-on musical collaboration tool but it was bought by Digidesign/Avid in the early 2000s and shut down shortly afterwards. I'm sure something similar will resurface eventually but it hasn't yet (to my knowledge).
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I think NanoStudio (scroll to the bottom) was awesome. It's a sequencer and sampler that comes with a lot of decent sounding synths, and in some ways, outdoes desktop DAWs. It's gotten me to make more music than I would otherwise.

I recently found out about ThumbJam which looks great, but I haven't tried it yet.
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was = is. I'm still using it!
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Transcribe is $50 but worth it for practicing. There's free software that does the same think I believe, but Transcribe is worth it (IMO) for the ease of use. It will change speed, pitch, loop, etc, which really helps when learning songs or practicing them in another key.

Rereading your question, you're mainly interested in web or mobile apps, but I already typed this, so there...
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Always happy to expand the scope for discussion!
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Ah, it looks like I'll have to shell out for NanoStudio, that's the second plug I've seen this week.

One iPhone app I like is JR Hexatone - a "6-directional drum machine/rhythm sequencer." I used it for a few songs on my 2010 RPM album (which started as an iPhone based project), and I might use it again this year.

As far as a wish list? Well, I had a dream the other night that I was working with a delay unit that had multiple effects that could be assigned to individual repeats (for instance, the first echo might have a flange effect, the next echo would have distortion, the third would have some reverb + overdrive, etc.) - all in a nice, friendly touchpad interface! I'm not sure if it would be very useful in the real world, but it seemed promising...
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FourTrack for iPhone is a pretty amazing piece of recording software for $10.
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