Better Late Than Never

January 31, 2011 2:03 PM

A bit of lighthearted rock opera storytelling by minifigs and me.

I made the noises and said, "hey, how about a rock opera," and he did all the hard work (that is, the concept and lyric writing).

I wish we'd had a month where either of us were able to spend more time on this, but such is life. The arrangement is a bit sparser than I'd envisioned, running out of time as we did, and I think you can hear a bit of my head cold in the vocal takes, but all in all... this was a hoot.

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Man that conversational part had me kinda tensed up! This coulda been a rock-tragedy!

(Fuck don't even want our baaaaaay beeee!)

This is awesome! (not playing for Mrs. She still wants a girl and has names picked out)
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This is ambitious. And Meatloaf-rrific. Nice job. I can't imagine what you would've done with the arrangement if you had had more time.
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I want a medium dog! This totally reminds me of the musical numbers from Home Movies.
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God that electric guitar is hottttt. Maybe even add one more t on there.
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"But not a baby genius like the movie 'Baby Geniuses.'"


Fun song, nice clean mix, you swear too much but I know you can't help it.
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The swearing was my fault actually. This was really fun to do. We took turns being knocked out by cold and flu over the month so I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Also, uncleozzy totally did the lion's share of the work, those guitars are sexy.
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Very impressive. What a piece of work !
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If you like the guitars, then you'll love Logic 9. I couldn't be bothered to mic an amp, so these are all DIed through Logic's amp sims. I actually don't know if they're any better than the PODxt, but they're more flexible in the mix, so I went with them this time. (Actually, I really like the slapback guitar, which was totally an accident: I clicked on the wrong patch and thought it sounded awesome.)

All I can say about getting this done on time yesterday is that I'm thankful that Logic finally has Flex Time (Elastic Audio in PT). Although I may have (ha-ha) gone a little too far with the tambourine.
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(Where'd the drums come from? Great, clean-sounding recording. This is really good. The Home Movies comparison is spot on.)
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The drums are Addictive Drums--which is why I asked about your track. The AD samples and effects (the saturation, but also the compressor) have a distinctive sound.
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Woo! Great job.
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I love this!
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this was fabulous. todd rundgren should do a remix!
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I actually double-checked the post to see if this was a cover or a re-lyricized version of an existing song. It really sounds like something out of a legit rock opera/musical/parody, with the piano+guitar lead-in, the main part of the song, and the monologue near the end. I can easily see this as being a part of an album called Better Late Than Never! The Original Cast Recording.

Yeah, it's a lot of swearing, so I'll be careful playing this without headphones, but I will definitely be sending this to a friend who has a playlist of catchy songs specifically with lots of swearing.

I don't think anyone's mentioned the bass line yet...enjoyed listening to that in particular as well.
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This is just awesome on so many levels. Definitely a bit of Meatloaf in the lyrics there.
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Definitely a bit of Meatloaf in the lyrics there.

Oh yeah, I think minifigs nailed it. The first MeMail I sent him said, hey, let's do some kind of Steinmanesque rock opera track. And then he hit it right on the head.

I don't think anyone's mentioned the bass line yet...enjoyed listening to that in particular as well.

Thanks, I appreciate that; I've been trying to improve my bass playing lately. I'll probably always play bass "like a guitarist," but I hope I'm at least heading in the Ron Wood-playing-bass direction instead of... I don't know, something terrible and un-groovy.
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Medium dog! I enjoyed this a lot.
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