Rodrigo de Lanzòl-Borgia

March 4, 2011 11:43 AM

What is possibly left to be said of Pope Alexander VI that hasn't already been said? Answer: Honestly, compared to the standards of secular nobility of the time, he really wasn't any worse.

The penultimate track from The Golden Age of Bastards, and also the final of our series of solo ensembles, this is a string quartet provided by our very own Tommy Scheurich. while it was entirely improvised, it wasn't performed in the order one would guess.

In fact, it was reverse order from which they enter at the beginning. You may also notice that his re-entry at 2:17-ish is in a completely different order, and there are several places where he managed to retroactively preempt himself. He's really an evil genius. Video.


Tommy Scheurich: Violas, Celli

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