No Such Place As Home

March 25, 2011 7:22 PM

Yet another tune recorded in a classroom at the former elementary school were I was a refugee for a few days. Here I'm playing a berimbau they had lying around. Not playing it in the usual way (caoiera-style, you know), but just kinda strumming it. Your basic one-note accompaniment. Video here.

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whoops... left out a P... that's supposed to read "capoiera-style".



how to get from gone to here
well i don't know how
i'm on a highway south of somewhere
i'm jusy a memory to you now
and the sound of the wheels on the road
like a condemned man's moan
and there's no such place as home

the wind blows forward
but it ain't blowing back
stretching to infinity
an endless railroad track
the rails are made of promises
the cross ties are my daddy's bones
and there's no such place as home

old lovers and vandals
they've ransacked my soul
i hear the gravedigger whistling
as he digs the hole
the funeral goers, shoulder to shoulder
each one of them so alone
and there's no such place as home

tomorrow and the next day
and all the days after that
just pennies that landed in the gutter
they missed the blind man's hat
tarnished little dreams that roll away
as hope sinks like a stone
and there's no such place as home

Copyright P & C Samm Bennett - all rights reserved
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I do remember that when I was through hard times I could listen to my own music for hours and relishing whatever was circular, hypnotic in it. It was really the one place I could go to to feel better and let go. Whatever else I could say would be awkward. News from Japan aren't good but I hope that you'll make your way through the turmoil. Take care.
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Thank you so much for your kind comment, nicolin. Those of us in Tokyo, of course, are really only inconvenienced by the disaster in a relatively small ways: ours is in no way comparable to the terrible situation of those further north in the Tohoku region.
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