March 31, 2011 1:13 PM

Set off by the recent melodica-related post on the blue, my attempt at an Augustus Pablo tune.

Probably not terribly authentic or anything, but I like it.

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I dig it! Authenticity is just a feeling - I read somewhere that melodicas were used as schoolchildren's instruments in Jamaica at the time, so a purist could have argued that Pablo wasn't making "real" reggae.

The beat isn't a traditional reggae-style beat, but I think it works in that it makes it *more* mellow and relaxing. It feels very Bill Laswell.

My only thought would be to add some chords/mid-range sounds around 1:25 and at other points - right now you have a sound in the high range with the melodica, and a nice low sound with that bass. Some occasional chords in the middle could round it out, if it works for you...
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