round the corners.

May 14, 2011 11:32 PM

Messing around using snarling dogs wah, as to this question, and then decided to use garageband to make the bass and drums.

Acoustic with pickups, two tracks, cabled via snarling dog, singularly positioned for simple tone selectin, out, to input, soft-modelled amp, exported to garageband, typed some drums and strung some occasionally slippery standing digital double bass.

Analog Lyric.
Unfit for rounded edges.
Fairs full of clipboard promised pledges.

Hedges, fair game, discussing sedges, pie, charts, graphs of graphs, dreaming of rafts in the numbers lane.

Away from near, far star stares across the framed actress.
Splash pages, checkout counters, inquisitive encounters fumbled in practice.

Tragic health care, heals financial fractures, sends workers back, rather than out to pastures.

Speak up, and it may be possible to act.
Sneak attack, dressed up and nowhere noble to go.
Wind through the leaves by rustling, of it's presence lets you know.

Like blades, striking blades -- lets the grass know you know how to mow.

Green pastors, pale practice, nevermind odds at becoming a failed actress.
Clooney, blind to sight of the newsies reboot 100 years in the making. Clearly his for the taking.
Geriatric twitter hits, wr'ttn splits, natural linguistic writ, cut down the middle, common ground is for batman and robin, quoted bits.

posted by infinite intimation

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