Oh Death

May 19, 2011 10:21 AM

Once again, it's that song that I just can't stay away from. This time it's coming at you from the Hokuriku region: live in Kanazawa, Japan, from my trio, the Smoke Benders. Our tuba player Daysuke Takaoka is channeling the deep didgeridoo spirits on this one. Video here.

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That's a great version and nice to hear a different part of your range, FJ. What's going on with the tuba -- it looks like he is using some kind of Theremin driven filter or something with the arm motions? And circular breathing for a lot of it -- holy shit.
posted by unSane at 11:14 AM on May 19, 2011

Thanks, unSane. Nope, no Theremin driven filter or anything like that. His arm movements, I believe, are the kind of physical/mental interface activity that you often see with didgeridoo players who, while they play, run their hand along the instrument as though it had holes or something: a physical movement as a representation or "marker" for the sound. Come to think of it, singers often do something similar, in a way, like arm, hand or finger movements combined with their vocal phrasings and so forth.
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That tuba is crazy. I like his solo at ~4:00. And then he takes the mouthpiece off! Man.
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Yeah, Daysuke is a monster.

The level of musicianship and musical creativity in Tokyo is very high. It's really a kickass town when it comes to musicians!
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That was fantastic! Do you have any shows coming up around Tokyo soon? I'll be in Yokosuka through July.
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Once again, it's that song that I just can't stay away from

The song that refuses to die, huh? (pun intended). Great stuff flapjax - fascinating and refreshing.
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Ha, Holy Shit is right! I can imagine that the recording doesn't do this justice. Man, I wish I could hear this live! F---ing awesome!
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Tuba multiphonics. Excellent. That bit's not as difficult as one would guess, but the combination of everything there is really well done. He looks like he's about to pass out after his solo, and for good reason. Few people would think to comgine tuba with diddley bow, but you made it happen. Well done, sir.
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This is somehow akin to Morphine and Primus at the same time. Don't ask. And the Silver Apples!
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