July 7, 2011 1:01 AM

Hip hop about a lucrative financial opportunity.

So, I've been trying to learn how to make hip hop for well over a year now, and this is the first thing I've actually completed all the way. I have a pretty limited background in music, though I've been listening to hip hop seriously since I was a kid. I've been slaving over this song literally for months, and I'm glad to have it in the can. I totally want to hear your feedback.

Samples: There's a vocal sample from Lyn Collins' "Think". You might recognize it. This sample is pretty widely used. At the end, you hear a bit of Q-Tip of a A Tribe Called Quest from "What?" Most of the rest of the noises are little riffs that I made up.

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Very nice, chrchr. Good rhymes (and I like how you stick strongly to the theme throughout the track), and cool beat and samples. I like the little accents during the verses.

Personally, I'm not too partial to the delayed part in the chorus ("me, me, me"), especially when it was so smooth up until then. But I recognize that people are into that, and that it sometimes helps... uh, spice things up.
posted by ganatronic at 4:35 PM on July 7, 2011

Wow, I wish I could make beats like this, I am way below the beginner level when it comes to production...Teach me your ways! haha

But this was really good, I especially liked the second verse. The flow was wonderful, and the samples fit in perfectly. It's got a great feel that screams hip-hop.

I agree with ganatronic, the delayed part in the chorus didn't move me, but toward the end of the song it grew on me. All, in all, great job chrchr!
posted by dapperkoala at 4:07 PM on July 8, 2011

Yea, man, you just kicked the door down. This is tight and the rhymes are solid. This is great, congrats!
posted by snsranch at 5:18 PM on July 8, 2011

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