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August 4, 2011 5:33 PM

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love the Eurovision Song Contest. So here's a cover of Iceland's entry from the 2009 Contest, originally sung by the very lovely Yohanna. Video version (of my cover, not the original) is here.

Eurovision songs tend to be fairly simple and short, very emotional, and heavily dependent on a single vocal line. That's what I've tried to preserve here, although I've had to change things around a little due to the restrictions of what I can actually play. So goodbye string section and backing choir - hello ukulele and melodica. And a very big hello to you, key change. We need you in cheesy pop music more than ever.

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Super smooth voice there ZsigE, cant think of the name of the damned folk band singer that you remind me of, but super silky. You sound best when you are saying a lot of words in a low pitch, keep the quick words coming out nice and softly, sounds nice. Keep working hard on the harmonies.

Also: the wooden click sticks (whatever the hell they are called) are probably my favorite instrument in the world, super bonus points for that, and having a lovely accordion piece in there as well.

Good job buddy :)

Do you write your own stuff as well?
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Thanks very much! The harmonies are indeed probably the weakest part, as I basically improvise them - could do with a little practice. I have written a couple of things, but not many; I think everything I've written is on here though, so do have a browse.

cant think of the name of the damned folk band singer that you remind me of

please say Jon Boden please say Jon Boden please say Jon Boden
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Just listened to Penny for the preacher and April Queen - and you know what: Yeah you do sound similar!

You are a lot more melodius and carry notes smoother than he, if you want to emulate him: scrap the singing and do more talking, slow everything waaaay down and finish your words on a down-tone, and don't lift the tails up on them, kind of lost-interst-in-the-words-so-ill-give-up-early kind of sound :)

In my occasional jaunts into music, I always love doing harmonies (low and high) to another singer but they (unforatuntely) are one element that need to be spot on correct every single time. You can rap / sing / beat box / hum / scat - but as soon as you do any harmony you need to be rehearsed like a thousand times.

Ok tell me: which song of yours I should listen to first :)
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Thanks again! Good advice, I'll keep it in mind for my next project.

And now to the shameless self-promotion...the songs on MeFiMu that I've written, in order of how much I like them, are:
The Same Four Chords
So We'll Go No More A-Roving (only half written by me - the music's mine but the words are a poem by Byron)
Ballad of the Mine (rather more lo-fi one, this)
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