Musicians Have Enhanced Subcortical Auditory and Audiovisual Processing of Speech and Music

August 28, 2011 10:03 PM

The goal of this track is twofold: to serve as a field test of my "new" Korg MS-10, and to honour the impending departure of our esteemed string player and friend, Tommy Scheurich.

The text of this paper should make everyone here feel good about themselves. Special thanks to Wesley.

Timbill Corder - Korg MS-10, Effects
Trey Beauregard - Vocals
Tommy Scheurich - Viola

Text ©Gabriella Musacchia, Mikko Sams, Erika Skoe, and Nina Kraus, 2007.

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Oh, I forgot--in addition to the synth, I was the one banging on the Fisher-Price Pull-a-Tone for contrastive purposes
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Also, the drone played on the MS-10 is the same pitch at all times--the lowest F available--and any changes to the pitch are from twiddling with knobs and moving patch cables, or tweaking effects pedals.
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