Song about a Homophobe

September 4, 2011 6:33 PM

MeFi Challenge 2fer. It's riff based AND uncool. The only reason I decided to finish this song is because I like how the guitar and bass oppose each other during a couple of parts. Kinda emulating Zappa a bit here. Enjoy!

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This is hilarious. Your spoken voice sounds great. Not hearing the "uncool" though, sorry, dude. And more than Zappa, I was a bit reminded of Beefheart, which is as far from uncool as you can get, as far as I'm concerned.

Actually, Beefheart is beyond "cool" and "uncool", he's just a law unto himself.

Really enjoyed this!
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Ha, that's great. Love a song that tells a story. Got a bit of Frank's Wild Years about it, but definitely echo Flapjax's Beefheart comparison.

The dissonance when the guitar and bass start playing the riff off-kilter from each other is lovely.
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Thanks for listening and for the great comments flapjax and unSane!

I thought that the sheer repetitiveness of this this would be enough to make it very uncool. Maybe I'll cover Tiny Tim after all.

Frank's Wild Years was great and right next to it on you tube was Tom Waits reads Charles Bukowski.

For a challenge, perhaps, I would LOVE to hear mefi musicians read their favorite poems, words or bits from their favorite books. That would be a treasure!

Thanks again for listening!
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I dreadfully sorry to break this to you sns, but I'm afraid this is incurably cool. There's no hope of it being uncool. You'll just have to live with the fact that you've failed the challenge. Miserably and irredeemably. Seriously - this is a killer. How about posting the lyric?
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Thank you very much MD! Maybe I should spend less time trying to be cool. Big lesson learned with this song.


Jim was a homophobe
And he didn't like working
At the ironworks with me
Where most of the guys were big
Giant homosexual men

The referred to each other as Bears

Papa Bear
Mama Bear
Bear Can Bear

He especially disliked it when they commented
on his Silver Hair and how it
Shimmered in the beautiful light thrown off by the
Blast Furnace

I guess it made him nervous

One day I invited him to a party at my house
To watch a ball game and drink some beer.
As he was crossing Adams Avenue
He was hit by a bus and fell to the ground

Seems he was pretty much alright
But his heart had stopped

One of the bystanders
A six foot tall blonde
Transexual Beauty
Came to his aide

She gave him CPR and Mouth to Mouth

When He came to and he looked into her blue eyes
He fell in Love
For the first time

She was an Angel
She'd Saved His Life
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