Seems The Less I Know

September 15, 2011 9:49 PM

This one's about the comfort of ignorance; a lamentation by Habrok.

"Seems the less I know, I feel much better
Seems the less I know, I feel much better
I loosen up my mind when we're together
The way the world spins now, it feels so sweet

I'm a man without a plan
And they judge me for the love I bring
But I get ripped when I taste your lips
I don't have to be anything

Lay around all day, no reason not to
Drift around your place, no reason not to
Did no work today, 'cause I forgot to
The changing winds are blowing down my fence"

The instrumentation was recorded in a studio, which we will soon return to in order to record vocals and get a proper mix. For now, we overdubbed on my home DAW so that we could have some proper demos to book shows here in Austin.

The band is Habrok, and I play drums/sing vocals.

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