The Space Between Us

September 16, 2011 11:08 PM

(Intro edit). This is the first 6 minutes of a 25 minute improvisation that won't all fit in a 10 mb file.

Fred Mitchim, Guitar; Dennis Bruhn, drums; Chris Vreeland, bass.
25 years ago, Me, Fred and Dennis spontaneously named ourselves The Atomic Energy Commission, and went on live local access TV show without any songs, and just played improv for an hour. We finally decided to do it again last month, and Fred recorded it. There was no discussion of what to play, not even the key. It's loose because it's utterly spontaneous. If anyone wants the other 20 minutes of this track, feel free to MeMail me.

The title is a line from Within You, Without You because at about the 6 minute mark, Fred decided to sing the melody to the Beatles song.

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I'm digging this. Love the relaxed, taking-its-sweet-time vibe.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 10:53 PM on September 18, 2011

It goes haywire right after that. Maybe I'll pst the whole thing in 10 mb chunks -- there's a pretty serious wall of sound at the 10-minute or so mark.
posted by Devils Rancher at 7:22 AM on September 19, 2011

Second on the digging. I believe this will be the music to accompany my next hangover (I mean that sincerely, this is a high-status position for music in my life).
posted by hanoixan at 11:32 AM on September 27, 2011

tripling the digging ... and wondering if you're aware of The Melodic Energy Commission
posted by philip-random at 10:01 PM on November 13, 2011

Never heard of 'em. So much music, s little time. I'll post part 3 of this in a couple days, at which point, I'll probably link to the whole 27 minute thing as well.
posted by Devils Rancher at 9:34 AM on November 14, 2011

The full 26.something version is up as a 126k mp3 file on my website Here.
posted by Devils Rancher at 6:12 AM on December 8, 2011

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