Authority Song [John Mellencamp cover]

October 25, 2011 4:57 PM

This is a cover of one of my favorite songs from when I was a child (it came out when I was ten, to be exact). One of those "story of my life" numbers with a simple and catchy tune. Welp, Internet, I got a wild hair and decided, "let's record a version of this fucker." So I have.

Here's the lyrics, just in case I goofed 'em:

They like to get you in a compromising position
Well, they like to get you there and smile in your face
Yeah, they think they're so cute when they got you in that condition
But I think it's a total disgrace
And I say...
I fight authority, Authority always wins
Well, I fight authority, Authority always wins
Well, I've been doing it since I was a young kid
And I come out grinnin'
Well, I fight authority, Authority always wins (Oh yeah!)
I call up my preacher
I say, "Give me strength for round 5."
He said, "You don't need no strength, you need to grow up son."
I said, "Growin' up leads to growin' old and then to dyin',
Ooo, and dyin' to me don't sound like all that much fun."
And so I'll say...

I say: oh no, no no (no)

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