vampire deer - unwritten 3

November 15, 2011 5:53 PM

thanks for all the positive comments - this time i used another method

i downloaded a freeware program amazing midi - supposedly one can transcribe audio music to midi music with it - i have no idea, as i decided to abuse the program instead by loading up a recording of a train going by with bells and horns and transcribing that to midi

it doesn't sound like a train or anything else i've ever heard - i looped a 7 bar segment, put it through a couple of reason samplers and filtered the hell out of them - added some randomized drums and a tabla loop, also filtered to hell and back - then added a bass riff and guitar through my ring thing

this is fun ...

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You see, I told you this would go somewhere!

The addition of the ostinato bass makes a huge difference.

Using different compositional methods keeps it fresh for sure.

Unlike a lot of generated or semi-generated music this has enough going on to keep you listening. I still think bringing parts in and out in the mix would be a Good Thing. Maybe you could roll dice to move the faders or something?
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