Prelude> Moissanite

November 23, 2011 1:44 AM

Moissanite, or silicon carbide, is often used to make synthetic diamonds. Listening to this track, for me, conjures imagery of a manmade crystal cavern, with an ethereal glow, and the not-quite-drip of not-quite-water. The prelude ends and the track proper begins around 3:16.

Tracks #4 and 5 from Step Outside, released earlier this week.

The bass drone is me, simply tapping my fingers on the body of the basitar with a single open string. The distortion on the dulcimer was simply a happy accident of the recording process that further adds to the artifice of the design. None of us have any idea which patch we found on the QSR, but if you find it, please tell it we love it and miss it, and want it to come home.


Trey Beauregard - Dulcimer
Timbill Corder - 3-String Basitar
Tommy Scheurich - QSR

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