Up Above the Young Rhine (Oben am jungen Rhein - Liechtenstein)

December 1, 2011 10:09 PM

Presenting Anthemic: a collection of abstract interpretations of various obscure, entertaining, odd, or otherwise intriguing national anthems. We start with a fairly harmless country, and a fairly harmless interpretation of a fairly harmless anthem.

National Anthem of Liechtenstein.
First adopted in 1920, shortened to 2 verses in 1963.


High above the young Rhine
Lies Liechtenstein, resting
On Alpine heights.
This beloved homeland,
This dear fatherland
Was chosen for us by
God's wise hand.

Long live Liechtenstein,
Blossoming on the young Rhine,
Happy and faithful!
Long live the Prince of the Land,
Long live our fatherland,
United by brotherly bonds and free!


Trey Beauregard - Vocals
Timbill Corder - Toy Piano
Tommy Scheurich - Whistling, Candle Lid

Text by Jakob Josef Jauch, 1850

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Whistling FTW.
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