Aegukka (The Patriotic Song - Korea (North))

December 14, 2011 6:36 AM

LYRICS: Well, our country's kind of shitty, But we love it anyway (We have no basis of comparison!) This is Anthemic.

See if you can find the exact moments when:

a) the whamola string breaks,
b) I freak out and try to determine what just happened, and
c) give up and decide to make the best/worst of it with what I can.

The failure of said string resulted, in my opinion, in some of the most spectacular noise ever recorded. Bear in mind, there are no effects added to the mix, apart from amp distortion--everything else is direct sound.

Anyway, on to the track info:


National Anthem of Korea (North).
Adopted in 1947. After the split of the Koreas, South Korea kept the original words, North kept the original tune.

It's also more than a little weird that, while the lyrics are clearly communist propaganda, they neither directly mention or praise the Workers' Party of Korea, nor Kim Il-sung or Kim Jong-il's various cults of personality.


Let morning shine on the silver and gold of this land,
Three thousand li packed with natural wealth.
My beautiful fatherland.
The glory of a wise people
Brought up in a culture brilliant
With a history five millennia long.
Let us devote our bodies and minds
To supporting this Korea forever.

The firm will, bonded with truth,
Nest for the spirit of labour,
Embracing the atmosphere of Mount Baekdu
Will go forth to all the world.
The country established by the will of the people,
Breasting the raging waves with soaring strength.
Let us glorify forever this Korea,
Limitlessly rich and strong.


Trey Beauregard - Vocals
Timbill Corder - Whamola (played at all times with a big fat drumstick)
Tommy Scheurich - Banjo

Text by Pak Seyŏng, 1947.

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