Island Home (Jersey (Bailiwick of))

December 18, 2011 4:30 PM

In a truly avant-garde move, the last real gyrophoniation on Anthemic is an Anthem which isn't yet officially the anthem for the Crown Dependency it's supposed to represent. Also, does anyone know how such a beautiful island come to be the namesake of the Garbage State?


The not-yet-official National Anthem of the Jersey (Isle of).
Adopted later next year (2012), written by a contest winner/citizen of the Isle of Jersey.

The current anthem of Jersey is still God Save the Queen (the French side didn't like this part), and in sporting events where a distinguishing anthem is needed, Ma Normandie (the English side didn't like this part). That's the main reason why they decided to hold this contest. Too bad we've already destroyed it.

This interpretation was musically inspired by the title track to a previous Gyrophonic album about a newer, more garbage-ridden place of a similar name.


Ours is an Island home,
Firm on rock and strong by sea.
Loyal and proud in history,
Our thankful hearts are raised to God for Jersey.

The beauty of our land--
Long inspired both eye and mind--
Ours the privilege to guard its shore.
So help we God that Jersey might through grace endure,



Trey Beauregard - Vocals
Timbill Corder - Korg DS-10, Effects

Text by Gerard le Feuvre.
Special props to WW.

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