Open Eyes (Auld Lang Syne 2011-2012)

December 31, 2011 8:24 AM

Since Demons of Gyrophonia won’t be together to record this year’s Auld Lang Syne, I figured I’d put my own spin on it by…well, combining a bunch of other people’s ideas.

The lyrics are by Danny Elfman, the arrangement is by Bernard Dewagtere (well, most of the notes, at least—the 7/8 and some of the ornamentations are all me. I only switched back to 4/4 during the chorus because, frankly, the counterpoint was getting too complicated to keep dropping a beat), and the spoken bit is by…well, you’ll surely be able to figure that one out yourself (hint: it’s rather ironic that this quote is being used in something full of good counterpoint). It's sort of my manifesto--it helps explain exactly why I make and listen to such a vastly diverse array of sounds. I thought it was fitting.

I did this in about 4 hours on Christmas morning (between 2 and 6am) because I had nothing else to do--I was stuck at home because I had to work that night and the rest of the week, so I didn't have Christmas until a few days later. It all ended well, though, so not to worry.

Enjoy, please.

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Ha ha, I do love the 7/8 feel, rescues it from the usual leaden foot. Great.

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Re: quote--Bingo. Lightening the load was definitely the goal of the 7/8. I wanted to do it for the whole thing, but the chorus's lines moved around too much to keep dropping a beat without just getting way too sloppy. I think switching between them kept a more diverse feel to it, in the end, though.

The original version of this song (well, of these lyrics, at least) is a LOT less lead-footy, too.
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This also gave me a chance to try out my proper "barbershop" chops. It was a lot harder than I initially expected.
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Wait wait, do I understand right that you sang all those parts yourself!?
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That's really amazing. I would have never thought that was possible. Awesome.
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Wonderful, as always.
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Also, that's a real nice quote.
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Cannot. Stop. Listening.
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