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January 6, 2012 2:10 AM

American contemporary music collective Bang on a Can is turning 25 this year, and to celebrate it, they're giving out an advance copy of their new album, Big Beautiful Dark and Scary, for free through 25 January.

If you're a fan, share a memory and get the album. If you've never had the opportunity, make a memory, then get the album. They're one of the most innovative and important groups of music makers to come about in the last 60 years, at least on par (in my opinion) with Kronos Quartet (except that BoaC actually writes their music) and any of John Zorn's multitudinous ensembles.

Their back catalogue is simply staggering and diverse, ranging from a complete live recreation of Brian Eno's Music for Airports to a work which I can't really describe, apart from, well...just read the site: the 1-bit Symphony.

There's probably another short-to-medium-length novel I could write about them, but you don't want to read it anyway. Seriously, though, check them out, check out the new album. Hell, it's free; and the good kind of free--artist approved and endorsed!
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*NICE*, thanks! I've been digging "Renegade Heaven" for a long time.
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