A monthly contest for cover versions?

January 23, 2012 7:02 PM

Just a question about monthly challenges..

I haven't participated in MeFi music challenges in quite some time.. and don't honestly expect to again anytime soon.. but a thought crossed me mind and I wanted to ask. Has there ever been any consideration to there being a companion to the challenges, a monthly cover competition? Contest runner chooses a song, everyone who wants covers it however they see fit, etc etc.. just a thought. I'd love to see what would happen to various songs when filtered through some of the minds at MeFiMusic. That and it could prove easier to those for whom inspiration doesn't strike at whim when reading the theme of the monthly contest..
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Ugh.. darn it.. I meant to link to my most recent MeFi Challenge entry going all the way back to 2008. Another reason I thought it might be fun to have a monthly cover version challenge.. the last time I was able to pull a song out of my.. hat.. that fit the theme was this long ago..
posted by mediocre at 7:03 PM on January 23, 2012

i don't know about every month, but it seems like once in awhile could be good - it might be more interesting to make a challenge where one covered songs by a particular group

i nominate the carpenters
posted by pyramid termite at 7:36 PM on January 23, 2012

I'd like to see people cover other songs from MeFi music, perhaps in a swap format.
posted by Wolfdog at 5:33 AM on January 24, 2012 [1 favorite]

We just did the Carpenters over on songfight... at least Chococat and I did.
posted by unSane at 9:26 AM on January 24, 2012

I like Wolfdog's idea. Except I'd probably mangle whatever the original song was...
posted by topoisomerase at 2:51 PM on January 24, 2012

I'd probably mangle whatever the original song was...

And that's a problem?
posted by flapjax at midnite at 2:55 PM on January 24, 2012

I'd like to see people cover other songs from MeFi music, perhaps in a swap format.

"Cover another MeFite" was something we did a few years ago. I think it went pretty well and I'd like to see it again.
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 5:38 PM on January 24, 2012

I'm all for more challenges rather than less. Especially because I'm absolutely SLAMMED at the moment and having a hard time promoting the current challenges as vigorously as I should.

Let a thousand flowers bloom! Covers often have a lower barrier to entry because they're already written. I also like the reciprocal mefite cover idea. If someone else wants to run with the cover challenge I say go for it.
posted by unSane at 9:39 PM on January 24, 2012

PS one of the things I liked about the Songfight coverfight thing was that it wasn't a song, but an artist, and there was a kind of first come first served thing going on. So the Carpenters were chosen as the artist and then everyone had to pick a different track, finders keepers losers weepers. It was good because it sent me combing through the back catalog to find something I was interested in and that hadn't been chosen. I think without that we would all have covered Yesterday Once More.
posted by unSane at 9:42 PM on January 24, 2012

Yes, another vote for doing the "cover another mefite" challenge again.
posted by Corduroy at 8:07 AM on January 26, 2012

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