January 29, 2012 2:22 PM

A contemplation of a lifestyle and world view not my own. One pass, three mics a dash of verb and some compressor on the vocal.Lyrics inside.

Red Neck Jesus
These day's it seem's that everybody is above contempt
Least of all me
It's not like I haven't made an honest attempt
I'm just not who I thought I'd be
I have come all this way and I still don't know a thing

I have lead my life tormented
I have passed along the pain
And righteous indignation is the fuel for my flame
Judge not your brother unless you're sober enough to see

Red neck Jesus Carry me home
Before some body calls the police
Red neck Jesus Carry me home
woo woo ( really )

If you can walk on water
can you help me get my truck out of the lake?
If I am real good you'll let me die before I wake
I'll join the next church
that gets it's foot stuck in my door
If you can change water into wine
what are you waiting for?

Red neck Jesus, yada yada yada

I am just like everybody else I am so afraid to die
that's why I carry spare change on Sundays
In case you were wondering why
I hope there's some place in heaven
That I can call mine

Red Neck Jesus et cetera, ad nauseumwhite trash gospel

posted by .wal

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