This song is Mathowie to me

October 19, 2006 8:08 PM

Here's a Minutemen spoof about MeFi. Recorded with my son's first-act (toys-r-us) guitar-for some grit. This is my first try at "vocals" on MuFi. It sucks, but I haven't had time to do any recording work for a while.

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Ha! I love the lofi cheapo guitar sound. And the vocals don't suck a bit, sir.
posted by cortex at 6:07 AM on October 20, 2006

Hold on...I'm gonna go look up that AskMe question.
posted by ba at 1:18 PM on October 20, 2006

Double nickels on the tubes. :)
posted by InfidelZombie at 1:27 PM on October 20, 2006

Why thank you sir, and thanks for listening.
posted by snsranch at 7:17 PM on October 23, 2006

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