Reinterpreting New Sub-Genres

March 22, 2012 11:49 AM

Challenge Idea: Seapunk

Referenced in this FPP about an AVClub article, apparently there's a very new very sub-genre called Seapunk. As far as I can tell a musician named Zombelle (SoundCloud link) is the sole originator of this genre, which sounds like kind of sloppy dark dreamsynth stuff.

Here's what I'm proposing for a future challenge:
Write song in the sub-genre of Seapunk. You can use Zombelle's music as a reference or (and this is my preference) come up with your own definition for what Seapunk "is" and write your song based on that.

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well, here's my version

This was an interesting exercise for me; I don't think I've ever heard any seapunk, so i just came up with whatever I could think of that sort of fit the descriptions in the article and comments.

the lyrics are "I hate the sea and everything in it" and "I'm telling you, the light works better pointed out to sea".
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Nice! That's a pretty sweet record, man. Also I added the suckitnytimes tag from your soundcloud, because YES.

I'll be working on my attempt this weekend. I don't know why, but I just think it would be so cool if this little microgenre stuck around. I like the sea.
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I hear "seapunk", I think 3/4 chanty at 180 bpm with loud guitars. Pirates with safetypinned noses, mohawked girl flipping the bird as carven ship figurehead, sails made of stitched-together xeroxed DIY gig playbills.
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That's probably a more accurate rendering of the etymological sources, but I've never been able to program punk rock drums via MIDI. something to do with the sampled cymbals not sounding washy in the right way.
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I agree cortex probably nailed it, though I think I want to go with a 2nd or 3rd generation variant that incorporate goth and/or cabaret
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