two crows - vampire deer

April 24, 2012 5:25 PM

song 7 of homeland - a modern, meaning LOUD, interpretation of the old child ballad

as i was walking all alone
i heard two crows make a moan
the one to the other he did say
where shall we go and dine today?
in behind that old dirt dyke
i see there lies a new killed knight
and no one knows that he lies there
but his hawk, his hound and lady fair
his hound is to hunting gone
his hawk to fetch the wild dove home
his lady's with another man
so let's have him while we can
you sit on his broken thighs
and i'll pick at his sweet blue eyes
with some locks of his golden hair
we'll make sure our nest is fair
maybe some for him will moan
but no one knows where lie his bones
the wind will make them white and bare
and forever they'll stay there

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