Maple Leaf Rag

June 18, 2012 2:18 AM

This is my own rendition of Scott Joplin's famous Maple Leaf Rag, probably the most popular piano rag of all time. Please forgive the little mistakes; if you can ignore them, I think it's somewhat rousing.

Recorded with my iPhone, which I'm liking as a medium lately. Low-fi, but good for getting stuff out there. I've got another iPhone recording I'll probably post in a day or two.

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I've been working on this tune for the past few months, and finally actually got around to recording it for the occasion of Father's Day - this was a gift to my dad. It's funny, because it's a song I've played so many times that it's become almost impossible for me to be happy with a single take of it, so I have a hard time recording it even though I've been trying for weeks. This actually felt pretty good, which is why I'm finally uploading it.
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First off, THANK YOU for playing this at the right tempo. Everyone always tries to play ragtime way too fast. Second, the piano and recording quality both work beautifully for the style--super jangly awesomeness==de-lightful.
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Ha, thanks - I can play it at least twice as fast as this, and it's fun to play it fast, but at that speed I don't think it's as fun for anybody to listen to as it is to play.
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Thanks for treating my ears.
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