Win It and Go Home (by the Geese)

June 28, 2012 4:33 PM

This is a song I wrote about Barry Sanders, the greatest running back of all time.

He is a personal hero of mine, an example of someone who never let any limitations get in the way of his determination. The lyrics are essentially a creative point of view of the end of his career, when he retired after a decade of excellence, but since he hadn't appeared to delcine in ability, a lot of people were upset. This song tries to embody what I think he must have felt at the time (although I embellished it with a little brag in there ;-).

The title comes from Mr Sanders in his first season. When told he was a mere 11 yards from taking the rushing title (as a rookie) and offered a chance to quickly grab the necessary yardage, he replied, "Come on, coach. Let's just win it and go home." Instead of thinking of his own personal glory, he preferred to think of the team. This is for

(K Gruber)

Clad in armor and I'm packing in
Barely thirty, feeling worn and thin
Told myself I wasn't gonna fall
Then I found they tried to take it all

You can break it 'til it bends
And it's killing to the bone
Living well is just the best revenge
Let's just win it and go home

I gave it all and then I gave some more
Two thousand times, just like I did before
Ten more years would never satisfy
You can question, but I'm bonafide


All the people who insist I quit
Know I'm better than they will admit (oh!)


©2011-12 Non Compos Music

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Also, the sports announcer voice at the beginning is a guy describing Sanders after a particular play.
posted by grubi at 4:35 PM on June 28, 2012

I like it, very Mathew Sweet
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