Exit Music (For a Campfire)

July 10, 2012 5:42 AM

So, y'all know that Thom Yorke has a ridiculous power and range to his singing right? Well I don't.

Recorded around the campfire two nights ago. My friend Jeremy on guitar, and that's me wailing. The white noise throughout is the Pacific Ocean. My recording setup is my cell phone in hand. This was the first time we made it through the whole song; we did about 20 takes altogether but kept getting interrupted or making mistakes too big to ignore.

I'm really glad The World Famous put this challenge up to the entire MeFi community, or I might never have contributed to this part of the site. Thanks for the opportunity! And apologies for the performance.

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I concur with your friend at the end! Perfect setting too to set the atmosphere, I may have to consider using the pacific ocean as a white noise generator in the future!
posted by TwoWordReview at 8:33 AM on July 10, 2012

Yay for campfire music!
posted by cortex at 10:38 AM on July 10, 2012

Hah, those were two other friends that were really happy I was done so they could go back to chatting. The ocean was actually a little fainter than I thought on the recording, so that's me going "woooosh" at the end.

I'm still open to collaboration, if after this you're still willing to work with me. As you can tell, I am not a musician of any sort. But I do love music.
posted by carsonb at 10:38 AM on July 10, 2012

I love this. I wish I'd been sitting around the campfire with you guys.
posted by Elmore at 4:13 PM on July 10, 2012

I may have to consider using the pacific ocean as a white noise generator in the future!

Used memorably by Tim Buckley on Love from Room 109 at the Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway).
posted by kenko at 9:08 PM on July 11, 2012

Pacific ocean is so played out. Atlantic is the new hotness.
posted by Bonzai at 6:55 PM on July 12, 2012

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