Climbing Up The Walls

July 17, 2012 6:09 PM

For some reason, finding out that the song was inspired by a moribund sanitarium brought to mind monks.

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Ooh, I really dig this. The minimal take, the little shifts between drone, parallel motion, pedal point, and then the occasion when the voices come down to unison--it's very "Simon & Garfunkel in a padded cell."
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Seconding all that verbose crap LOOM just said. Very nicely done.
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Thanks, LOOM. I had no idea I was so musically sophisticated.
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Oh, I realised it may or may not have been completely unintentional, but that often leads to subtle brilliance.
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Shit, how did I miss this one earlier. Fantastic.
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It started raining just as this started. Beautiful.
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