Fitter, Happier, World Famous

August 20, 2012 2:07 PM

Like all supergroups, the OK LA MeFi Action Band sometimes pares itself down to a solo performer and producer arrangement. Nobody leaves the room, you understand, but everyone takes a drink and everyone but me holds their breath.

I do what I do, and The World Famous takes it and does with it what he does so well. Kills it, even.

This cover, this performance, is how I die. To the nines and with feeling, drowned in a jazz club lobby fountain, better for it even. Out of debt by dint of terminal exhalation, my pattern of limp disappointments and bad news are interrupted only by the cessation of conscious existence.

Coffined, freed, shit recycled and I am reduced to memory, an echo, a worrying drone that seeps up from filthy carpets and bursts from taut bags of hazardous lungwaste.

It's that then, or, you know: stuck, like a pig in a cage.


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Yeah, you could do voiceover work! Maybe you do?

I, too, tackled this little monstrosity for the Challenge, but I got a nice Russian lady from Google Translate to do the reciting for me. She worked for FREE!
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