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August 31, 2012 8:56 PM

Oh shit. I lost the power supply to the br-532 in the move, so to be econimical i got a br-800 which arrived this week.. i recorded all this within the last 2 hours and about a half hour ago realized i had no idea how to get it off the damn thing. turns out it was the same way as the 532 but to make a short story short used the mixing on the 800 and um.. here we go.. straight off the br-800.. also played bass for the first time in 500 years

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Also I re-learned the ABC language to figure out the bass tab and wrote a script to convert ABC to bass tab after work today so that I could play the damn thing.. It's been real.. and fun.
posted by xorry at 9:00 PM on August 31, 2012

None of the words you wrote made sense to me, but your music reminds me of Sebadoh and that makes me happy. I don't know if that is win-win, or just win.
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Thanks, Elmore. That makes my day. The original plan was to make a Joy Division sounding track, but I just plain ran out of time and had to upload everything as recorded and was a bit embarrassed.
posted by xorry at 8:38 PM on September 2, 2012

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