O Holy Night

December 21, 2012 7:57 PM

Despite my lack of religion and the fact that this song has been done to death, I thought I'd give it a shot.

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Hey Choco, I was going to make this comment about the syncopated banjo playing, whcih I really like and admire, since I know how tough it is to do, but I really couldn't.

Dear God, man, you have the voice of an angel. What the hell? I felt like on this you really let yourself sing. On some of your stuff I feel like you deadpan it, deliberately avoiding any conspicuous emotion, but you really sang this, and OMIGOD.

I hate to betray too much man-love here but you really do have the most extraordinary voice and sensibility and I do wish there was a way to enjoy it beyond the anonymity of BGM.
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Easily my favorite Christmas song and loved this version -- thanks.
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I felt like on this you really let yourself sing.
More like made myself, over and over.
Different material/different approach I guess.
Usually I record a vocal in one or two takes because I find the more you sing it, the more you kill it; but in this case I re-recorded the vocals a bunch of times over the course of a few days because I couldn't get my voice to a tone or volume I liked at all. Finally one day I got to where I didn't absolutely hate how I was sounding, and I did a bunch of passes and comped the best/least bad. Lots of punch-ins and re-takes.
I really appreciate the compliment, unSane. I don't feel like I avoid emotion, though; I just work with what I have, voice-wise. Double-tracking and loading on the harmonies also does wonders for a thin voice, I've found. Smoke and mirrors.
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Absolutely lovely.
posted by Doleful Creature at 11:02 PM on December 22, 2012

yeah, great job. Downloaded and added to the holiday playlist.
posted by dubold at 6:10 AM on December 23, 2012

This is fantastic!
posted by Pallas Athena at 5:44 PM on December 23, 2012

I just found this. How wonderful!
posted by SLC Mom at 8:33 PM on January 22, 2013

Wow, I would absolutely not have thought this would work. Awesome job!
posted by greenish at 7:03 AM on January 23, 2013

This is so very lovely, and I am sure there is a home for it on an awesome Christmas album by you, which I would totally pay twenty bucks for, and so would thousands of other people.
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This is great! Another stellar offering. Love your music.
posted by Miko at 8:12 PM on December 5, 2013

I was just thinking of this song and remembered this version, and it is even more lovely than I remember.
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Another year, another time being pleasantly surprise at how much I love this. Thank you for it again.
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It seems like chococat's "O Holy Night" season comes earlier and earlier each year. Still so good.
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Here because of some guy's advent calendar. Beautiful stuff, chococat.
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Still breathtaking. Thank you, chococat, fo so many years of loveliness.
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Wow, so glad it still means something to you. Thanks a bunch. Happy holidays to you and yours!
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So grateful for MeFi's recent activity page. O Holy Night is one of my most favourite songs - not just Christmas songs, like, literally, Top 10 GOAT songs.
This is just so sublimely beautiful.
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 1:13 PM on December 27, 2020 [1 favorite]

Yeah it’s one of mine too. So glad I didn’t wreck it for you!
posted by chococat at 6:47 PM on December 27, 2020

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