Brand New Ukelelelele [sic.]: A song for Bondcliff

December 23, 2012 10:08 PM

A thank you song for an epic quonsar.

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Oh man. I wake up on Christmas Eve to a MeMail with a link to a song about me. Remember when you said you opened the box and you were speechless? Yeah. Now I know how you feel.

This is way beyond what I expected you would do with that thing. I figured maybe I'd inspire you to learn a couple chords before passing it on to the kids. I guess this just shows what happens when you put something, anything, into the hands of a real musician.

I think I got most of the lyrics but would you mind writing them down here or sending them to me? I now know how to pronounce Lute-e-aye. I've been pronouncing it Luth-e-er. I told you I'm not, um, one of those guys.

And yes, offer accepted. Amazing coincidence, that. More songs should end with the word Framingham.

Thanks so much for this. Extra special thanks to scottandrew for the assist. I'll post more in the other thread.

It's a Quansmas miracle!
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I just played it for my musician wife. She approves. "Nice harmony at the end.", sez she.
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Ha! So awesome all around.
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Just heard this coming out cortex's computer- that was great!
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Agreed that more songs should end with Framingham. That was my favorite part.
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Lyrics n tabs. The tabs are off by a fourth because they're based on the guitar shapes. We're actually in the key of F.

You gotta be kidding me
G Am
I've got a brand new ukelelelele and there's
F D7 G G7
no way I can thank you enough for it... or understand...

An inconceivable act of generosity
G Am
That rectifies a hitherto unknown paucity
F D7 G G7
of four stringed cigar boxes in my closet... or on a stand.

Am F C G Am
What the hell are you doing building strangers lyres on the internet
You claim that you're no luthier, I disagree, you shouldn't fret
Am F C G
Speaking of which it plays real well and before I forget I'd better say
Am F C G G
That bit about the closet was just in there cuz it rhymed -- no way!!!!!!!!!

You gotta be kidding me
G Am
I've got a brand new ukelelelele
F D7 G G7
and I can't believe you made it electronic... it has no peer...

And I say this with unparalleled sincerity
G Am
That while this offer has an obvious disparity
F D7 G G7
I hope you'll join me for some wine or gin and tonic... or a beer...
The next time I visit my in-laws in Framingham!

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You claim that you're no luthier, I disagree, you shouldn't fret

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you shouldn't fret

I see what you did there.

This is the most wonderful thank you I've ever heard, and one of the best gifts I've ever seen given. Yay for Quonsar cheer!
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This is more evidence of my theory that MeFi Music, which sometimes seems like a sort of misfit hangout that is disconnected from the rest of the site, is secretly the creator and historian of a folk culture and history of MetaFilter.
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