after the opera war - vampire deer

March 3, 2013 8:42 AM

track 1 of this year's rpm album - after the opera war - this is based on a dream i had and i'm not sure what it means

the viking witch stood on her mark
and sang her life away
the sky lit up like a paper cup
and midnight swallowed day
steve and the tin man ducked
into a deep deep hole
and after the opera war
the city had no soul

the guard hid in his bunker
and did suduko in the dawn
a calico cloud of flame and smoke
rumbled on and on
ghosts turned into ashes
and ashes turned into dust
steve and the tin man slept
on a bed of rags and rust

and the tv gods and devils
replayed the whole thing
the viking witch trapped on a loop
to sing and sing and sing
the guard blew his cracked whistle
but those two boys wandered more
into love's dying wasteland
after the opera war

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I really like the instrument that opens the track, that sounds like a melodica or something. The bassy synth provides a creepy, brooding feel -- as does the vocal performance, come to think of it. Not my cup of tea, really, but I was drawn in by the lyrics. They're very interesting.
posted by edlundart at 10:22 PM on March 8, 2013

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