March 15, 2013 4:36 PM

Hey Mefi musicians, here's an interview with the guy who engineered the new David Bowie Record. Now all of you run out and buy a Neve board, OK?
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Thanks for posting this Flapjax (I used to be Major Dundee but I've had the op...).

I'm kind of wary about the new Bowie album. I'd love it to be as brilliant as the hype is having us believe but on the evidence of the first single from it - which I found pretty nondescript - I'm bracing myself for disappointment. The Duke always was a master of the art of promotion, but back in the day he had the chops to back it up. Genuinely hope I'm wrong and I'll be the first to punch the air if the new one even delivers on half of the anticipation.......
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I've been pretty underwhelmed by it so far, but based on my tendency to take twice as long to get into good music as everyone else, I wouldn't be surprised if I return to this thread in a couple months' time going OMG IT'S SO AMAZING EVERYONE LISTEN TO THIS

I did however just consult the Bowie who lives in my mind, dressed always in his Labyrinth costume on whether it was ok that I don't like the new record much yet, and he said it's cool baby, now come to my castle and dance with the goblins.
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I'm slightly embarrassed to acknowledge that I thought the album was yet to be released....and now find out that it came out on 8th March! "I'll tell you one thing about that McCann dude, he's got his finger on the fucking pulse............not".

Given that I'm a cynical cheapskate I'll wait for a couple of years and pick it up in the supermarket for pennies. Like every other "amazing" album that's been released in the last few years......
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