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July 1, 2006 1:43 AM

It's okay - I was a student when I wrote this. And yeah, I suppose it's spoken word.

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Very nice, Ant. Mor Dem Kind Pils.

Elsewhere, Mathowie said: "I don't want spoken word stuff or podcasts of people talking (there are already loads of places to host/serve those). I'd like things to be "music" and I'm not sure that taking a microphone to a bubbling stream counts as music. Thoughts?"

Speaking as an occasional "spoken word" performer who enjoys the work of Ken Nordine and others who venture into this realm, I gotta say dissing word jazz by saying it's not music is unfair. With all due respect of course to the master of his domain. This piece is a prime example. If we're to veto or outlaw or whatever you call it "the spoken word genre" because "it's not music" I think MeFi Music would be missing out on a lot of great stuff. Like for example, THIS.

I like words to my music (singing's nice but not always necessary), while others like music to their words. Words may be optional for others, but whenever I hear instrumental works I always find myself wanting to put words to them whether they should have words or not. It might be nice if someday one were to take instrumental pieces from this growing collection and put words to them, be they poetic or prosaic.

Personally I don't find 'electronic music' that sounds like a Sega Genesis reject very entertaining (variations on the Nintendo Mario Brothers theme for example), but I just pass those by, and occasionally give them a listen (usually by accident). I certainly wouldn't want them to be disallowed. On rare occasion they're good, y'know, for putting words to.

So I vote that Spoken Words gets allowed herein, knowing full well this ain't no democracy. Besides, if spoken word stuff is shunned, doesn't leave much for me to share. We can't all be Harry Connick Frickin Junior.
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I'd imagine Matt meant that he doesn't want everyone taking the opportunity to read their bad poetry. I wouldn't define this as spoken word, and it's definitely got music behind it (unless, like me, you pay more attention to the music than the vox).
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