Prelude and 3 Variations for Piano

April 9, 2013 7:28 PM

A very short prelude with three variations built from that and each other. Experimental work for piano.

This continues from an idea that I started with in the previous piece I posted here which was to treat each musical element, as opposed to any harmonic or melodic elements, as the seeds for variations (changing pitches, durations, dynamics, etc.). You can find the sheet music for it (as well as my other pieces) here.

posted by bfootdav (2 comments total)

I can't comment on the piece itself as it is a little too abstract for my crude tastes.

However on the recording: it is SUPER quiet - how are you micing up your piano?
posted by greenish at 7:38 AM on April 11, 2013

It's actually MIDI converted to MP3. I listen to everything through headphones so it didn't occur to me that there might be a volume problem. Will try to correct it. Thanks for pointing it out!
posted by bfootdav at 7:40 AM on April 11, 2013

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